What are Self Cert Mortgages?

The term "Self Cert" only refers to the method in which the borrower can show their income to a lender. They may have no official documentation, so they sign to say £xx,xxx is true.

Just as you can with mainstream products, you can obtain many different types of Self Cert's. You can still get interest only mortgages (we don't do these though), repayment mortgages, remortgages etc. Then there are the different interest types of mortgages, Standard Rate Variables, trackers, fixed etc.

Everything else about the mortgage is the same

1) The applicant applies

2) The lender makes a decision

3) The money is lent

4) The money is repaired

5) The charge to the properties removed after the repayments have been completed

As you can see, everything about the mortgage process is exactly the same as they are in mainstream mortgages.

We know that a lot of experts seem to call them a dangerous product, high risk. If that is true though, aren't mainstream mortgages even more risky? 

In our opinion Self Cert’s are much more secure and stable than the mainstream options. Everyone knows to get a Self Cert mortgage requires a deposit to lower the loan to value ratio. 

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Self Cert is not based in the UK. We are NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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