We are not based in the UK, by being based abroad we are able to make our own decisions.
One of those decisions is to bring back Self Cert Mortgages


We only had enough capital for around 300 mortgages. Since we launched back in January, we have received over 7500 applications for these products. Unfortunately there is simply no way we can meet demand and have ceased taking new applications until further notice.

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Bringing Back Hope

Through no fault of their own, tens of thousands have been locked out of the mortgage market.

85% Loan to Value

The lower loan to value, the lower risk to us and our clients. Our business is about responsible risk, not what you do for a living.

Self Cert Outside of London

As a result of concerns about the London property market, our products are only available to clients outside the M25.


The FCA says that you must pay for mortgage advice, why? If you want advice, then feel free but we don't insist you spend £1500 plus for it.

We have learned
a lot since we launched

not least the difficulties our prospective clients face in an inflexible UK mortgage market. Our capital structure when we launched in January 2016 enabled us to fund around 300 mortgages. We are not surprised that demand has been exceptionally strong, resulting in over 7,500 applications for our products. Due to the high level of interest and our funding capacity, we are currently not able to process new applications until further notice.



Not being regulated by the FCA means that we can make our own lending decisions.
All loan agreementsare still subject to UK Laws and UK Courts.


Account management and customer services are UK based.


We aim to be able to give decisions in principle within 48 hours.


We perform our own checks our way, credit checks aren't always the most accurate

SAVE £1000'S

You do not need to get Independent Mortgage advice if you don’t wish to as we do not require it.

Real Examples

60 years old and on the scrap heap
I have just turned 60 and although I have a 70% deposit for the home I want, I'm struggling to get a mortgage due to having a self employed status since I retired last year. With no accounts yet, and no history of trading, nobody is allowed to lend me anything.
Stuck on a crippling SVR
I am a self employed engineer but only have 1 years accounts. Most mortgage lenders in the UK will not lend on 1 years accounts and the lenders that will have a higher interest rate than I pay now on a SVR as my initial deal has finished.

I am looking to borrow approx £297500 to move house. I have a £52500 deposit ready.

I have worked out that I can currently afford £1000 per month on a mortgage as I have low living costs with no dependants and own my car outright. Which I believe would work on an interest only deal.

In 2 years time when an outstanding loan completes I will be able to go to a repayment mortgage up to £1500 per month. This would still only be 33% of my monthly income and easily affordable to myself

I would love to hear to back from you and enable me to move house
Self employed contractor and can't get a mortgage anywhere
A number of years ago the company I had worked for for 6 years told us all that we would all have to go self employed to continue working for them. We had no choice because they didn't want staff on the books.

I have a 35% deposit for the property I want but can't get a mortgage because I have no contract with them anymore. I am still working for them, but after I have made my deductions on my accounts my earnings look a lot lower than what they actually are. This hurts me when prooving what I am really earning.
Interest only coming to an end
I took out a Self Cert interest only back in 2001, it was over 20 years and with houses prices rising since then I basically have around 60% equity but still need to find a mortgage for the reamining 40% (£65,000) from somewhere in trhe next 5 years otherwise I will lose my home.

I am currently unemployed due to illness but will be going back to work later this year, I will be going back to being self employed / company director. I'd like to be able to get a mortgage in place to allow me to pay that money back over 10 more years rather than having the extra pressue of doing so over the remaining 5 years.


We are currently not able to process new applications until further notice. As an independent mortgage service, we are not a bank or hedge fund operators and our current funding capacity is to finance around 300 mortgages

We don't want to get people's hopes up, it is highly unlikely that this site will return to lending within the next 12 months. We don't want to work with other investors and are don't want to raise finance on the markets. We had a set amount to lend at the start have applications for about 10 times that amount.

Unfortunately it is so difficult to say, the honest answer is we don't know if they will return to the mass market. There is a new head of the Financial Conduct Authority but we don't yet know his views

The other possibility is that others follow us out of the UK, we haven't seen any evidence of this happening yet. With interest rates falling and possibly going negative, investors might start to look - like we did - for better ways to make their money work.

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We can't promise but if we do have availability we will be in contact with those that register an interest

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Self Cert is not based in the UK. We are NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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